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8 Online Modules

Neuro-developmentally based, fully updated video modules specifically designed to develop your knowledge, skill, confidence and certainty in the assessment and adjustment of the newborn to older child.

Self-Paced Learning

We understand that things can change, and flexibility is important. Engaging and easily consumed units gives you control of what and when you learn. 8 Modules, 20 hours of learning, Certificate issued upon completion.

Lifetime Access

To support you in your learning and implementation, our commitment to you is lifetime access to the 8 Inspiral foundation modules. Review over and over for deeper insights and finer distinctions.

Develop confidence, certainty and skill

  • Develop your knowledge of neuro-developmentally appropriate and clinically relevant assessment, adjustments and clinical decision making
  • Know when, what and how to adjust babies and children
  • Enhance your skill in communicating with all members of the family and collaborating with other health professionals
  • Establish and encourage home care routines to promote neuro-development

Engaged, connected, healthy families and communities

  • Assist families with health challenges that can be supported through chiropractic assessment and adjustment
  • Empower parents with knowledge and strategies in understanding growth and development in a brain-based model
  • Change the future for families
  • Be a resource for your community
  • Connect communities through collaboration with other health professionals

Welcome to Inspiral Online with
Dr Genevieve and Dr Rosemary Keating, Chiropractors

We are passionate about supporting the Chiropractic profession with
neuro-developmentally based programs.
Our work provides a framework for assessing and adjusting children of all ages.

Inspiral began in 2006 with our first seminar for Chiropractors, and we have taught across Australia, and in New Zealand, England and Germany.
Our programs continue to develop as Chiropractic and neuroscience evolve.

It has been a long held dream to share Inspiral further, and after many requests from you, the time is now for online access!

We feel privileged to have influenced so many in making extraordinary changes in the families of their communities.
We are thrilled to present our fully updated modules and we thank you for your support, and your commitment to changing the lives of generations to come.

With love and gratitude
Gen and Rose

Kids...Dynamic Development
8 comprehensive online video modules

Module 1

Brain Development

Module 2

Assessment -  Infant & Older Child

Module 3

Anatomy - Cranial, Dural & Spinal

Module 4

Adjusting - Cranial Dural System

Module 5

Adjusting - Hips, Pelvis & Spine

Module 6

Home Care

Module 7

Clinical Pearls

Module 8

Communication Clarity

Online modules with 20 hours CPD comprised of learning by video for module content and technique demonstration, assessment quizzes, and your own personal practice and integration time.

Wanting more? InnerSpiral is here

A members only program available with Kids... Dynamic Development purchase. Twice monthly online gatherings with Gen, Rose and collaborative professionals. CPD applies.


InnerSpiral Feedback

Just listened to the first two InnerSpiral gathering webinars. Rose and Gen you are both absolute gifts for the chiropractic profession. 

 You both speak with such clarity and purpose that real learning takes place when we listen to you. Your sincerity and certainty inspire us to expand what is possible.
 I initially signed up because I thought I would gets some quality CPD.  Your presentations go way beyond knowledge. Keep up with your excellence delivery of practice gems.
Dr Benjamin Schutte (Chiropractor)


8 Modules



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8 Modules



Student/1st Yr price

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Monthly Membership


Monthly $AUD 99, approx $75 USD, €63 EUR

Exclusive membership group

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"Over 60 years of combined experience delivered in a way that ignites faith, confidence and belief in what we do and why we do it. Immediately usable techniques and practice gems!"

Dr Lisa Shelton

"Opens up a world of possibility. Inspiral gives you the confidence to work with children and parents, and to communicate effortlessly the importance of checking a child throughout all stages of development. "

Dr Siobhan Overberg

"Excellent! Well worth the investment. Maintains a wholistic approach to care of the child and whole family and includes lots of research and evidence."

Dr Connor Charles

"Just do it! It helps with confidence and skills. I'm feeling inspired and motivated to help families and the greater community."

Dr Kiri Binnersley

"I loved everything! It's the only kids seminar you will ever need!"

Dr Lina Liu

"Gen and Rose are fantastic presenters who deliver information in such a way that it is easy to understand and implement. "

Dr Joshua Kassis

"Brilliant and powerful resources to recognize not only where, but how to help children, and also how important it is that we do it!"

Dr Lana Bridges

"The seminar is invaluable in enhancing confidence in working with children, and communicating the unique 'why' chiropractic is so vital in children's development. "

Dr Kaitlyn Dayman

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